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Yourself, Lord - the song of SeherPsalms: literally setting: Phil 2:8-10 and 1 Jo 1:7 1) Yourself, Lord, you have humbled to death at crosses trunk. The father therefore gave you the highest name of all. Ref) Your name Lord Jesus is the name outclassing ev’ry name at all. The name of Jesus I give honor and praise. And at the name of Jesus ev’ry knee shall bow down: in the darkness, on the earth and in heavens kingdom. 2) As son of God, most highest, you came as son of men. You’re cleansing us from evils, exalted you shall be!
SeherPsalms the source for i worship, worship ticket and worship lyrics.
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SeherPsalms and tobymac, word of god, Joel Osteen such as oslo gospel choir or CD as well as media and sound,       This is SeherPsalms and son of god, christian college, Bibleschool or j.u.m.p.,
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yourself, lord — Bluegrass combo

This is SeherPsalms and worship, oslo gospel choir and CD as well as christian college such as pope. Here you see media or Perry Stone,
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