SeherPsalms the source for i worship, worship ticket and worship lyrics.
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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About SeherPsalms
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SeherPsalms is an interdenominational ministry, which serves to praise God and is an edification of the body of Christ.

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This is the worship songs of SeherPsalms Our songs are created from of our relationship with God and are a blessing to the entire body of Christ, in all denominations and internationally.

MP3 ticket the SeherPsalms Most of our songs contain verses from the Word of God which encourage us again and again.

lyrics and sheet music for worship The songs of SeherPsalms glorify our great and wonderful God.

ticket MP3, lyrics and sheet music for worship The songs of SeherPsalms are a blessing for church services, conferences and for the worship in the church.

Songs for world youth day The songs of SeherPsalms encourage the faithful in their personal relationship with God the Father.

Singing SeherPsalms in Taize Primarily we see ourselves as songwriters for the body of Christ.

The church of England with SeherPsalms SeherPsalms is located in Bavaria, Germany.





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    This is oslo gospel choir or Bibleschool and john bevere, matt maher as well as worldyouthday and SeherPsalms.