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THE NEW LORD’S PRAYER HYMN - the song of SeherPsalms: the most literally setting of the "Lords Prayer". Our father in heaven. Hallowed be thy glorious name. Thy kingdom come. May thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Hallelujah! Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil. Hallelujah! For thine is the kingdom, the pow’r and glory. Yester, today, and eternally. Amen.
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Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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This is SeherPsalms and pope as well as worship or mp3 and church praise, Brian Doerksen such as MinistryToday, messiah or oslo gospel choir, THE NEW LORD’S PRAYER HYMN
— the song of SeherPsalms —

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A new, timeless composition of the »Lord’s Prayer«.

The HIGHLIGHTfor all choirs, public ceremonies, weddings, sundy services, baptisms, funerals, ...


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The concept of this song:

If we look at the »Lord's Prayer«, we recognize that it consists of three parts:

Worship Songs of SeherPsalms for world youth day The first part addresses God and deals with these characteristics: it glorifies the name of God, desires that the Kingdom of God be brought here, and longs that His will be done, on Earth as it in heaven.

>The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< is the HIGHLIGHT for all public ceremonies  The second part addresses our human needs: the daily bread, forgiveness of sins and temptation and evil that beset us.

>The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< is the HIGHLIGHT for the President In the third part, the view is again directed to God: HIS is the kingdom, the power and the glory. In eternity, Amen.


We have included this original trisection division of the »Lord’s Prayer« in our composition:

>The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< is the HIGHLIGHT for the conference  The first and third parts are constructed with the same melody and chorus structures, since they are both talking about God. “Ascending guides” as it is referred to musically, lead up to the glory of God and increase the tension of the song until the crowning ending of the glorious »Amen« and then the tension is resolved.

Singing >The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< in Taize The second part in the middle is differently conceived and talks about us, the people. Here we have solo vocal, accompanied by a soft pop band; a contrast which has been intended. This is a contrast, yet the second part blends beautifully between the two God-related parts of the prayer. As transitions, we have placed a »Hallelujah« each time in between, in order to distinguish the parts from each other.

This composition of the »Lord’s Prayer«
was written by Christoph at the age of 16, after attending a youth meeting in his church. It was there that they had spoken at length about the »Lord’s Prayer« and discovered this trisection division of the prayer. Deeply moved inside by this deeply profound revelation, he sat down at the piano and within two hours he had composed this musical version of the »Lord’s Prayer«.

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