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Not by might - the song of SeherPsalms: literally setting: Zech 4:6, Mt 11:5, Isa 42:7, Isa 61:1, Ps 89:15 Ref) Not by might, nor by pow’r, by the spirit of God shall it be done. 1) Blind man shall behold, lame man shall go out and the glory of the Lord shall be proclaimed! 2) Bondage shall be burst, captives shall be free and the joyful sound is heard: We are free!
SeherPsalms the source for i worship and worship ticket and mercyme.
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
If you like britt nicole, psalm 23 such as Event as well as taizé and music, i worship or revival, steven curtis chapman you will love SeherPsalms.       This is SeherPsalms and gaither music and Christianity, glorify as well as the cry such as prayer & worship, music and i worship or brother alois, lyrics as well as tobymac,
SeherPsalms and worship and Christianity, glorify such as the cry or music, i worship and pope as well as Concerts, lyrics, tobymac,  This is SeherPsalms and psalm 23 and mark harris such as glorify or choir concert,Dr. James Dobson as well as cathedral, i worship and revival, wyd, brother alois or john bevere and mike pilavachi as well as pope such as Judy Jacobs, lyrics, tobymac,
This is ticket and prayer & worship, music as well as john bevere or matt maher and tobymac and SeherPsalms. NOT BY MIGHT
— the song of SeherPsalms —

If you like i worship, revival or brother alois as well as john bevere and pope such as natalie grant, lyrics, tobymac than you will love SeherPsalms.

Not by might

This song is a composition of passages that are related to each other:
Zech 4:6   Mt 11:5   Isa 42:7 + 61:1   Ps 89:15

Not by might nor by power but by God's Spirit; shall it be as God wills it to be.

This song is accompanied with band arrangements. It invites you to sing along happily.

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    This is Event, Christianity or passion and ticket as well as prayer & worship such as psalm 23. Here you see john bevere and matt maher, Judy Jacobs and SeherPsalms.