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Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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Give yourself a present with the songs of SeherPsalms
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Our songs have been created by way of our relationship to God.
Psalm 22:4 says that God dwells in the praises of His people. Wow! Give yourself the gift of the presence of God!

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Singing SeherPsalms in Taize By using the songs of SeherPsalms in your personal time of devotion and worship, they will help you to immerse yourself in the presence of God. Sing »Morning Prayer« or »Worthy« to the glory of God.

SeherPsalms the songs for church day In times of special joyfulness, because God has redeemed thee, rejoice and give Him your good cheer. ›Blessed are the people with the joyful sound‹. Using the verse from Psalm 89, we have composed for example, the song, »Come Ye People«.

SeherPsalms for world youth day When the storms of life come upon your life, our songs will give you comfort, strength and new hope.

>The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< for the new president If you return to God anew, then make our song »Homecoming« your own. It is a prayer for all of the prodigal sons and daughters.


>The new Lord's Prayer Hymn< for the new president Here you can ticket the scores and songs.

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