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SeherPsalms makes songs from your favorite scriptures. Tell us your most loved bible verses. The word of God is the most precious humans have. By HIS WORD we are made, by HIS WORD we are healed. Sing his word in your quiet time, in your divine service and conference. SeherPsalms makes songs from your best loved bible scripture.
SeherPsalms the source for i worship such as worship ticket and worship lyrics.
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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Your favorite scriptures as song

The Word of God is the living strength, the most powerful source of energy in every christian life.
Even our Lord Jesus Christ — in his darkest hour on the cross — was praying verses from the Psalms.

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SeherPsalms is looking for your favorite scriptures to make songs of it. To bless the life of your friends and also yours that is at the best with the powerful Word of our God.

Tell us below your favorite scriptures which you would set to music:

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We would like to inform you as soon as we've composed your favorite scriptures in a song.

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This is SeherPsalms and ticket and media or laura story, mp3 as well as andrew wommack such as the cry and steven curtis chapman or oslo gospel choir
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We'll do our best to compose benedictory songs with your favorite scriptures.

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