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Come ye people - the song of SeherPsalms: literally setting: Ps 32:11, Ps 89:15-16, Ps 95:1, Mk 16:15, Lk 19:10, Jo 5:24, Jo 14:6+23, Ro 6:6+23. Ref) Come ye people of God, shout for joy to the Lord! ‘Cause you’re saved from the death. He the life lives in you, our sins he subdues. Of his grace tell the earth! 1) Blessed is the people with the joyful sound. In his light they’ll walk. In his name they are rejoicing all the day, in his righteousness they’re lifted up. 2) For the wages of our sins that was our death. Hopelessly forlorn. But the overcoming gift of God for us is eternal life through Jesus Christ. Sing for joy people! Yeah!
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Worship in Spirit and in Truth
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— the song of SeherPsalms —

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Come ye people

A song of joy and community.

This song contains the Word of God:
Ps 32:11   Ps 89:15-16   Ps 95:1   Mk 16:15   Lk 19:10   Jo 5:24   Jo 14:6+23   Ro 6:6+23

This song is sung from the fellowship with one another and with God, the joy of being redeemed by God.

The rousing arrangement with band and trumpets underscores the cheerful character of the song.

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