SeherPsalms the source for i worship, worship ticket and mercyme.
Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Jobs at SeherPsalms

SeherPsalms is looking for YOU.

The Pope loves SeherPsalms SeherPsalms is a German music ministry.
We offer our songs via Internet to all churches worldwide.

We offer TRANSLATIONS-JOBS. Ideally for students.

SeherPsalms the worship resource We have to translate texts for our website, newsletter-texts or information to all major languages.

SeherPsalms the worship resource Ideally you understand German and can spend a little time from time to time to translate our information to English or other languages.

SeherPsalms the worship resource We pay you via PayPal.

SeherPsalms the worship resource We set the charge from project to project.

SeherPsalms the worship resource We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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