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We are Ulrike & Christoph Seher, we live in Bavaria, Germany. Ulrike is the singer of SeherPsalms to the glory of God. Our songs are written by Christoph. He is the composer, pianist and arranger of our music. Christoph has studied theology.

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The President loves SeherPsalms Many well-known Christian leaders have testified during their ministries that they were set free of drugs, alcohol, etc. by Jesus Christ. Of all of these things we are not able to report. However, we can testify that from surrendering our lives, despite hostile opposition, we have held on to God, or rather, we were held on to by HIM.

>The new Lords Prayer Hymn< for the President Christoph learned very early on in life what it meant to take up his cross and to follow Christ. He grew up as a young Christian in the dictatorship of socialism and as a child and adolescent, he had to prove his faith on a daily basis, in the communist school system of the German Democratic Republic. Each day he experienced discrimination, bullying and hate by the teaching staff, as well as being excluded for the sake of his faith.

At the age of 14, an age when basic choices such as career, friendships, etc. were to be made in one’s life, Christoph Seher had to make a big decision. He had to decide between two things. On the one side he could go the way of the vast majority of teenagers, towards socialism and the communist “youth initiation ceremony” of the socialist state, swearing loyalty and devotion, vowing with his power to build up socialism and to be on the side of the Soviet Union, fighting against imperialism with all of his might. On the other side he could follow the Lamb of God and participate in his confirmation at church, instead of in the “youth initiation ceremony”. This decision had a profound impact on his future life. The state only allowed youth who participated in the communist "youth initiation ceremony" and were a member of the socialist youth organization "FDJ" to take the university application exam. Without this exam, you could not study at any university". So Christoph was challenged to decide: “youth initiation ceremony” OR confirmation in his church – with all the consequences of the communist system.
Thus, the question of his faith was an existential question which would last his entire life. Jesus OR career, a secure future OR God — those were the choices for him as a young 14-year-old teenager. Christoph wholeheartedly made the decision to choose his Savior and to participate in his confirmation instead of participating in the “youth initiation ceremony”.
He continued to bear witness of his faith while in school and was deliberately punished with lower grades despite having the same performance as his classmates. He was also bullied and humiliated by his teachers more than ever. Christoph watched as his school director went from one training company to another, where he had applied for apprenticeships, and pressured the companies into rejecting him. He endured one rejection after another. However, God was indeed faithful and had provided him with a good education. Later in his life Christoph studied theology.

Not only did political dictatorship shape his young life, but also the dictatorial approach of his family did as well. His relationship to God and to music became his “sanctuary” of escape, from being shouted at and humiliated throughout his entire childhood by his overbearing parents. However, to outsiders the role of the “ideal family” had been played. Totally full of inhibitions and self-doubt, he trusted nothing. No other refuge was available to him in his young life, other than to his heavenly Father. And among others, he met Him in the music. At 15, he won a music competition with one of his own first original compositions.

>SeherPsalms the songs for church day Ulrike grew up in the “free” part of Germany, however in a family with hostile attitudes towards faith. It was the prayers and the living faith of a deaconess in her family environment that impressed her. The seeds had been sown as a teenager that made her want to learn more about faith and she finally realized that she wanted to put her life in God's hands.

Throughout her childhood life she happily sang, improvising a melody that she had picked up somewhere, creating her own little ditty of a song. However, instead of being supported by her family musically, they nipped it in the bud with such remarks as: “Stop that croaking.” Even today, after many years of vocal training and already having recorded our songs in the studio, her father would comment, “You will never be able to sing!”

>SeherPsalms the songs for mission field Despite all of this hostility we continue to glorify our almighty God with our songs. That is our calling.

For: God is seeking such people who will worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:23

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